Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth in Rifle, CO

Dry mouth, sometimes known as xerostomia, is a condition that is characterized by underproduction of saliva in your mouth. As a result, your mouth typically feels dry and parched, and you may also experience bad breath and cracked lips. On its own, dry mouth isn’t a life-threatening or severe condition. However, it may be indicative of more significant underlying problems. Even in the absence of underlying health issues, chronic dry mouth can be uncomfortable and may make up for embarrassing or awkward interactions.

If you’re experiencing xerostomia that doesn’t resolve after a couple of days or weeks, you need to get professional attention. Rifle Dental Care is a leading dental practice that offers comprehensive consultation and treatment options for patients struggling with dry mouth.

Our dentist can rule out the existence of an underlying health issue or offer treatment for the same, depending on the diagnosis.

Causes of Dry Mouth

Dehydration and insufficient saliva production are the direct causes of dry mouth. Several factors may trigger dehydration as well as inhibit the proper function of the salivary glands. These include:

  • Certain medications
  • Excessive tobacco consumption
  • Mouth breathing
  • Stress
  • Radiation therapy
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Aging

Xerostomia is treatable and often temporary. There are simple yet practical steps you can take at home to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. These include sipping on water frequently, chewing sugarless gum to stimulate saliva production, and avoiding excessive intake of alcohol and tobacco.

If you don’t get any relief after these home remedies, then it’s time to call our dentist in Rifle, CO.

Treatment and What to Expect

During your appointment, our dentist will be keen to understand the trigger factors contributing to your dry mouth symptoms. If you’re on medications that are hindering saliva production, our dentist may suggest either changing the dose or switching to a different medication.

The dentist will also carefully examine you to determine whether you’re showing other symptoms that may be indicative of a bigger health problem.

In some cases, patients may receive medications that boost saliva production.

Dry mouth feels uncomfortable, and when it’s accompanied by bad breath, it can also be awkward. The good news is, there’s help available for people struggling with dry mouth. Our dentist near you has a personalized solution to help you overcome dry mouth. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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