Crowns in Rifle, CO

If you have a dental procedure that causes a tooth to become weak, then it needs protection so that it doesn’t break. For instance, dental crowns can fit over a tooth to protect it from the forces of biting down and chewing food.

Our dentists at Rifle Dental Care in Rifle, CO use crowns to support bridges, protect teeth after root canals, and to cap teeth, so they look better.

Getting a Crown After Root Canals

Crowns usually go on teeth after root canals. A root canal leaves a tooth vulnerable to breaking because the procedure removes most of its insides, such as the pulp and nerves. Removing the soft tissues is necessary to get rid of the decay so that it doesn’t spread to the roots or jawbone.

After the root canal, one of our dentists at Rifle Dental Care orders the crown from a dental laboratory. It takes approximately three to four weeks to manufacture the restoration. Our dental staff will call you to our offices in Rifle, CO when the crown arrives. Then, our dentist will place the crown over the tooth that it’s protecting.

Getting Crowns to Improve Teeth

Actors, models, and other people who depend on their looks for their jobs often “cap” their teeth to improve their appearance. The caps are dental crowns that our dentists place over teeth that have odd shapes, chips, cracks, or discolorations. The crowns are permanent replacements for your teeth because they are altered so that the crowns fit over them.

It is necessary to alter teeth so that the crowns fit over them properly. Our dentists may need to remove enamel and trim the sides of the teeth to make the crowns fit on your teeth. Then the dentist will use dental cement to permanently bond the crowns in place.

Whether you’re having a root canal, capping your teeth, or getting a bridge to replace missing teeth, at least one dental crown will be part of the procedures. Our dentists at Rifle Dental Care are the best in Rifle, CO at placing dental crowns so that they look and function like your natural teeth.

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