Clear Braces in Rifle, CO

Clear Braces in Rifle, CO

At Rifle Dental Care, we strive to provide for you and your family the best dental care in Rifle, CO, and the surrounding areas. Rifle Dental Care offers several kinds of braces, including clear braces for more discreet orthodontic treatment.

Clear Braces work for you in the same way as metal braces but are less noticeable due to the brace brackets being transparent.

Inspire Ice Clear Braces

Rifle Dental Care is proud to provide our patients with the option of Inspire Ice Clear Braces. Their translucent appearance, small design, and highly visually appealing look are perfect for our patients who are wanting to improve their smiles inconspicuously so they will feel confident with the way they look during their time of treatment.

These braces are more durable than other clear braces. They work with speed and precision, so you will have all the confidence in the world to smile happily while improving your smile!

The Most Discreet Braces

The crystal-clear patented technology which is used making clear braces is what makes these braces the absolute most discreet available today. Since these brackets don’t discolor or stain over time, they will stay looking great for your entire time of treatment. For more detailed information about the clear braces and the reason they are the braces asked for by so many patients, call us here at Rifle Dental Care today.

Why Should You Choose Clear Braces?

If you are thinking about trying to improve your smile through an orthodontic procedure, there are several reasons to choose clear braces as your treatment method:

  • Clear braces have a heat-polished surface that will dramatically reduce friction, so they are more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • You won’t have to worry about discoloration or staining.
  • Clear braces look discreet. Most people won’t be able to notice them right away!

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If you think you are ready to take your first step to have that healthy, beautiful smile you have always wanted, then schedule an appointment with Rifle Dental Care today. We look forward to helping you get the smile of your dreams.

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