Bridges in Rifle, CO

As people age, it is normal to lose one or even multiple permanent teeth. This can be the result of decay, damage, or even genetics. To help you prevent future oral healthcare issues and maintain a complete smile, we at Rifle Dental Care offer advanced dental bridges to our patients in Rifle, CO .

What Is a Bridge?

The dental bridge earned its name by being a device which “bridges” the gaps in a patient’s smile caused by permanent tooth loss. The bridge consists of a pontic or false tooth which is fitted against the gums and held in place in a variety of ways.

At Rifle Dental Care, each of our bridges is custom made to suit your individual mouth. This means we make a mold of your mouth and properly fit the pontic to create a seamless smile. In modern times, the majority of pontics are made out of porcelain to match the natural shade of the teeth.

How It Is Worn

Traditional bridges use crowns to hold themselves in place. These crowns are caps that are fitted over nearby healthy teeth and then bonded into place. Another option is to create a semi-permanent model that uses a back layer of wires hidden behind the teeth. This type of bridge can be removed as needed, but it is rare. It is more common for individuals who suffered sports injuries or would like an affordable alternative to more permanent options.

The Benefits

A popular benefit of the bridge is how it creates a complete smile, so no one notices you have a missing tooth or teeth.

Other people might be interested in a bridge because it makes it easier to bite, chew, and swallow. The extra teeth also maintain your natural face shape and can prevent premature aging and facial collapse.

Finally, the bridge can prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position, so the remainder of your smile remains straight and even.

If you are looking for a competent provider of dental bridges in Rifle, CO , schedule an appointment today to see us at Rifle Dental Care.

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