Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Apr 28, 2020

As a parent, ensuring your child stays cavity-free and healthy is a top priority. Unfortunately, children aren’t known for being diligent at brushing or flossing. Even when they honor their dental hygiene routine religiously, your child might still struggle to reach the grooves of the back teeth—areas that are particularly prone to cavities. That’s where dental sealants come in. Dental sealants rank highly on the list of preventive dental treatments for your child.

Dental sealants form a protective barrier on your child’s teeth, thus keeping away cavity-causing acids and plaque. The application of sealants is quick, easy, and painless and guarantees several years of protection. According to studies, dental sealants reduce your child’s susceptibility to cavities by up to 86 percent during the first year, and 58 percent after four years.

If you’re considering dental sealants for your child, here are four top benefits of the same that you can look forward to:

Dental Sealants Preserve Oral Health

The problem with cavities is that, even when they’re treated, they still leave a dent in the structural integrity of your tooth, literally and figuratively. The best way to handle cavities is to prevent them entirely. Once your child’s permanent or secondary teeth start to come in, at around age 6, you must begin the process of getting dental sealants for continued oral health. What’s more, compromised oral health harms overall health. As such, dental sealants help with your child’s general well-being as well.

They Save Money

Restorative dentistry can be quite costly, especially when you allow a dental problem to escalate beyond certain levels. Instead of waiting until your child requires root canal treatments and dental crowns, you can avert dental issues by getting dental sealants. This way, you not only protect your child’s well-being but cut back on dental care costs as well.

Dental Sealants are Time-Efficient

Who wants to spend endless hours seated on a dentist’s chair? No one. We’re pretty sure your child has more fun and exciting things to do. Not only is the application of dental sealants simple and straightforward, and over in a matter of minutes, but dental sealants also allow your child to forego time-consuming dental procedures down the road.

They Supplement Your Child’s Dental Care Routine

You may not always have enough time to supervise your child’s morning or nighttime brushing routine. Your child may also not always know how to figure out which spots they missed. Dental sealants bridge the gaps in your child’s dental hygiene, ensuring that there’s a constant extra layer of protection whenever your child needs it.

Rifle Dental Care provides dental sealants in Rifle, CO, thus empowering children (and parents too) to enjoy their early years without worrying about cavities. Book a visit with us if you’d like your child to receive dental sealants in a fun and friendly dental office environment.

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