8 Tips for Getting Your Child To Wear Dentures

8 Tips for Getting Your Child To Wear Dentures

Oct 01, 2022

Missing teeth impacts your ability to perform basic oral functions such as chewing, brushing, and speaking. Children can lose their permanent teeth due to dental trauma, cavities, and other factors like adults. Contact our emergency dentist if your child has experienced severe dental trauma.

As a parent, you want your baby to perform normal oral functions easily and comfortably. Unfortunately, your child may not be eligible for specific tooth replacements like dental implants. Since your child’s jaw is still developing, placing a dental implant will cause complications in the future. Therefore, the dentist might recommend using dentures until the child turns 18.

While dentures are often associated with the elderly, people of all ages can use them. Dentures are removable dental appliances snugly worn over the natural teeth and gums. Since children typically have one or a few missing teeth, they require partial dentures.

Getting your Child to wear dentures

Since dentures need removing now and then, most parents find it challenging to get their children to wear dentures. If that’s the case with you, below are essential tips to try out:

  • Bribe them.

Children typically love rewards. You can promise your child to get their favorite toys, treats, or prizes if they wear dentures daily. Over time, they will get used to wearing dentures even without your intervention.

  • Ask an adult who uses dentures to help.

Do you have a close family member or friend who wears dentures? You can request them to talk to your child about how fun and important it is to wear dentures. Your child will also feel better about sharing an experience with an elder.

  • Be persistent.

Initially, your child might find it uncomfortable to eat or speak with dentures. However, this is only temporary, and they will adjust within a few weeks. Persistence is the key to making sure they get used to wearing dentures. Don’t give in to their excuses not to wear the dentures. Be sure to put them back if they remove them. Soon they will get used, and you won’t have to remind them to wear the denture.

  • Read stories of other children who have used dentures.

You can speak to your child about cartoon or book characters or celebrities who have used dentures as children. It will make the kid feel secure and confident in wearing dentures.

  • Ensure your child’s dentures fit right.

Ill-fitting dentures can be uncomfortable and cause difficulties eating or speaking. For this reason, the child might refuse to wear the dentures. Typically, the denture should fit snugly over their mouth, without discomfort or wiggling.

If your child’s denture doesn’t feel right, you should ask their dentist about adjusting them. It’s also worth noting that your child is still growing, meaning they will likely need a new set of dentures every one to two years. Take them to pediatric visits regularly to check the fit of their dentures.

  • Make it fun to wear dentures.

Good jokes about dentures can make your child look forward to wearing them.

  • Let them eat their favorite foods.

Missing teeth can cause difficulties when eating certain types of foods like fruit. You can have your child wear dentures and enjoy their favorite foods that they wouldn’t otherwise enjoy eating without the denture. Be sure to avoid very hard food items as they can cause the denture to break or dislodge.

  • Celebrate their new smile.

Missing teeth can make your child feel unattractive and less confident. Dentures close the gaps and give your child a complete set of teeth.

Celebrating their new smile will encourage them to wear dentures and feel confident in their smile.

Need to take care after denture

Good dental hygiene and care are essential. Remind your child to

  • Handle dentures with care.
  • Clean their dentures gently but thoroughly.
  • Rinse their dentures after eating.
  • Avoid exposing the dentures to extreme heat.
  • Store dentures in a clean and dry environment.
  • Remove the denture when sleeping.
  • Brush their mouth after removing dentures.

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