Are Dental Veneers Worth It?

Are Dental Veneers Worth It?

Jul 13, 2021

Getting a return on investment is not just a concern in the business world. When it comes to leading a healthy life, anything you spend your money on must have certain benefits that make them worthy. The same applies to different dental procedures in dentistry.

Even while everyone is excited about the endless possibilities of cosmetic dentistry, it is still crucial to question whether certain procedures are worth trying out.

What Are Dental Veneers?

They are tooth-shaped, tooth-colored, shell-like porcelain materials used in cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of teeth. These thin porcelain materials are applied to the front surfaces of teeth. The goal of dental veneers is not necessarily to improve your oral hygiene but rather to boost your aesthetic appearance when you smile. Veneers act like masks that cover the different flaws on teeth.

When Are Veneers Used?

A dentist in Rifle, CO, will first examine your oral cavity to determine whether dental veneers are suitable for you. Given as veneers can improve teeth regarding shape, size, and color, some of the ways how they are used in dentistry include the following:

  1. For discolored teeth – veneers help mask the stubborn stains on teeth.
  2. For cracked, chipped, or broken teeth.
  3. For small spaces between teeth – these spaces usually have nothing to do with tooth loss. Instead, they are orthodontic challenges that can be solved with dental veneers.
  4. For misshapen teeth – these are teeth that are ill-shaped, either because they are crooked, overlapped, usually short, pointy, rounded, to mention a few. All these issues with the shape of your teeth can be rectified with dental veneers.

Do Veneers Ruin Your Real Teeth?

Dental veneers present many benefits for your teeth in cosmetic dentistry. However, there is still the risk of ruining your teeth. The reason is that the process of bonding veneers to your teeth involves shaving part of your enamel. It then proceeds to use dental cement to adhere the oral veneer to your teeth. This is an irreversible procedure. When one of your veneers is crack or damaged, you need to visit an emergency dentist near you at 81650 immediately. That kind of damage is not one you can solve alone. A dentist will help replace the veneer tactfully without further damaging your teeth.

Further, when you want to remove the veneers, the only solution is to get new veneers or dental crowns on the affected teeth. This will cover the trimmed enamel. In this way, veneers are known to damage teeth. However, given that the goal of oral veneers is to improve the appearance of your teeth by covering certain dental flaws, it is a risk worth taking.

Facts You Should Know About Dental Veneers

  1. They are expensive – the more teeth you want to fix, the more expensive the treatment will be.
  2. They are permanent – you can only remove them to have new veneers or dental crowns.
  3. They cannot be whitened – although porcelain material does not get stained easily when they do, those stains cannot be removed easily. Other than that, you also need to brighten your teeth beforehand if you want a brighter smile with veneers. The reason is that the initial color of veneers you get will remain the same whether your teeth are whiter or not.

Are They Worth It?

Even though veneers damage your teeth, they fix them. The goal of dental veneers is to improve the appearance of teeth by solving different oral challenges. Therefore, the dental goals you have will be met when you get dental veneers. This is why they are worth investing in, regardless of the risk of damaging teeth. Besides, the veneers will serve you for 5 years or longer. After that, all you need is to replace the tooth veneers with new ones to continue enjoying the amazing results.

However, as you make this decision, consider that veneers are pretty costly in cosmetic dentistry. They are also often considered elective procedures, which is why they are not covered by many dental insurances. If the cost of veneers is prohibitive for you, talk to your dentist about other alternatives you can explore to correct your dental issues.

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