How do you know if you need to see the dentist?

FAQ: Top 12 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist

Modern dentistry can restore your smile, relieve discomfort, and help maintain your oral health. A healthy mouth is important to your self confidence, comfort, and daily quality of life.

Teeth that are chipped, cracked or broken can become further damaged or lost, and without treatment they may cause you to experience pain or infection – making it difficult to eat and speak normally, or smile confidently.

Dr. Cappelli will give you a thorough examination, then recommend a plan of treatment for each tooth that has become damaged or diseased.

Treatments may include:

Dental Fillings
Dental Crowns
Endodontic Therapy (Root Canals)

Periodontal Therapy
Dentures and Bridges
TMJ Treatment
Night Guard for relief from grinding (bruxism)

Dental Implants

Restorative dentistry at Rifle Dental Care delivers the personalized, comprehensive care you need to alleviate dental problems and restore good oral health.

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