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Affording Your Dental Treatment

Custom Treatment Plans give you control over your oral health and finances.  Following your comprehensive oral exam and smile analysis, Dr. Cappelli will design a treatment plan just for you. You’ll receive a copy, so that you can choose the optimal course of treatment to meet your goals and financial choices.  Whether it takes one day or several years to reach your oral health goals, we will be here for you.

We will do our best to structure plans that make dental care affordable. Ask for details during your Treatment Planning Consultation.


       Your Insurance is Welcome

We are happy to submit claims to your primary dental insurance, and will work with you to maximize your benefits.

And You Should Know…

We encourage you to review these Insurance Basics.

Remember: your insurance company may try to avoid paying for your dental care beyond the preventative services required by law.  

  • Your employer determines the insurance benefits levels and options which they are willing to supplement the premiums for on your behalf.  
  • If an insurer can find a way to avoid paying for your services – they will deny your claim.   
  • Insurers are not healthcare providers.  They do not care about your pain or well being. 
  • You do not have to give insurers or your employer authority over your healthcare decisions just because they charge you premiums for provide limited benefits, and  require deductibles & co-pays. 

DID YOU KNOW? Your insurance company never guarantees payment for basic or major services. As frustrating as that is, we do our best to file claims with necessary documentation so your insurer has an opportunity to pay. Because your insurer’s disclaimer makes a point of not guaranteeing payment for your treatment, the cost of service remains the sole responsibility of the patient or legal guardian, and is not negated by the filing of a claim nor by any estimates based upon insurance industry general guidelines.

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No Insurance? No Problem!

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